Reading Isaiah as Christian Scripture

The Future of Critical Study of the Book of Isaiah

Critical study of the book of Isaiah began with Abraham ibn Ezra in the 11th century who recognized the dual authorship of this book.  SInce than it has had a peculiar history.  Here is what I mean.  Starting in the 17th century there has been one epoch-making thought per century.

17th century: Dutch philosopher Baruch Spinoza (1637-1677) inferred that Isaiah 40-66 derived from a sixth-century BC Babylonian background

18th century: The German scholar J.C. Doederlein puts Spinoza’s idea on the academic map with firm arguments.

19th century: Berhard Duhm published his famous commentary in 1892 where he argued for a further separation of Isaiah 56-66 as of postexilic origin.

Whether one agrees with these critical positions, it must be admitted that they have dominated the scene.  So here are two questions:

1.What was the epoch-making thought of the 20th century critical study of the book of Isaiah?

2.What seems to be the key direction in the Isaiah studies for the 21st century?


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