Reading Isaiah as Christian Scripture

Tax Day: What should a PhD student in Biblical Studies donate?

Posted in Humor by Bacho on April 5, 2011

April 18th is the Tax Day.  Right now we all scramble to figure out where all of our Burger King receipts are for tax deductions.  Here is a list of ideas for what to donate to charities for tax deduction purposes.

Emmaus Secondhand Superstore reported these top 10 strangest donations:

1. Prosthetic Leg
2. An urn containing human or animal ashes
3. Bag of human hair
4. A birds nest (complete with Earwigs)
5. A coffin
6. Used and unwashed underwear
7. A set of dentures
8. 10 blown light bulbs
9. Sacks of potatoes
10. A personal diary with entries

This inspired my list of Top 10 Strangest Donations for PhD students in Biblical Studies:

10.Your German Vocabulary Flash cards

9.Starbucks Gold Card [without any balance on it]

8.Used Highlighter

7.A pile of xerox copied reviews of Brevard Childs’ The Struggle to Understand Isaiah as Christian Scripture

6.Expired library card

5.Bible Adventures Nintendo Video Game

4.Your PhD rejection letter from the Faculty of Oriental Studies at Oxford

3.Sing Along CD for “Biblical Hebrew” by Victoria Hoffer and friends

2.SBL Annual Meeting Program Handbook

1.Your picture with Raphael Golb


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