Reading Isaiah as Christian Scripture

Posted in Hermeneutics, Reading the Bible as Scripture by Bacho on April 12, 2011

“I want to know one thing: the way to heaven, how to land safe on that happy shore.  God himself has condescended to teach the way; for this very end he came from heaven.  He has written it down in the book.  O give me that book!  At any price, give me the book of God!  I have it: here is knowledge enough for me.  Let me be homo unius libri [a man of one book].  Here then I am, far from the busy ways of men. I sit down alone-only God is here. In his presence I open, I read his Book for this end, to find the way to heaven. Is there a doubt concerning the meaning of what I read? Does anything appear dark or intricate? I lift up my heart to the Father of lights: ‘Lord, is it not your Word, “If any man lacks wisdom, let him ask of God”? You “give liberally and upbraidest not” [Jas. 1.5]. You have said, “If any be willing to do your will, he shall know.”  [Jn. 7.17] I am willing to do, let me know your will. I then search after and consider parallel passages of Scripture, ‘comparing spiritual things with spiritual’ [1 Cor. 2.13]. I meditate thereon, with all the attention and earnestness of which my mind is capable. If any doubt still remains, I consult those who are experienced in the things of God, and then the writings whereby, being dead, they yet speak. And what I thus learn, that I teach.”  [From John Wesley (Library of Protestant Thought) edited by Albert C. Outler, 89-90]


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